One-Stop Solution to Your Veterinarian Needs in Barnegat, NJ

Juggling your pet's medical, grooming and well-being appointments can be a real challenge, especially if they're all taken care of in different locations. One of the major advantages of using our practice for your pet surgery, routine well-being checks and pet boarding when required is that you only have to go to one, convenient location. We are a well-established veterinary provider that offers a full spectrum of services for your precious pet.

Well-Equipped Diagnostic Facilities, Including Pet X-Rays

Rapid, accurate diagnosis makes a drastic difference when it comes to putting the right treatment schedule in place. We have invested heavily in advanced technology and testing equipment, enabling us to get a good idea of what might be bothering your pet, quickly and easily. Once we've established what the problem is, we'll suggest a suitable course of action, utilizing advanced veterinary techniques and pharmaceutical interventions.

Caring, High Grade Pet Boarding

It's always good to know that your pet will be taken care of when you're on vacation or have pressing family matters to attend to. Our spacious, modern boarding facilities offer a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for your pet, giving them the opportunity to enjoy quality time with us. Because our vets also safeguard the well-being of boarding animals, you know that your pet will enjoy continuity of care and will have their health needs fully met until you come to pick them up.

Excellent Dental Care for Barnegat Pets

We all know just how unpleasant “dog breath” can be, but did you know that poor dental hygiene can contribute to the problem? A bad odor from your pet's mouth could be a symptom of tooth decay or gum disease. We can offer effective treatment for dental caries, as well as advising on effective preventative measures. To find out more about our pet care services, or to book an appointment, call us at (609) 693-1093 (Forked River) or (609) 597-0080 (Manahawkin).

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